Conversation Tools Welcomed by Mentor Mothers

The use of storytelling to open lines of communication between mothers, fathers, caregivers and community members proved to be a useful participatory tool. The aim of these conversations is to initiate potential attitude- and behaviour change particularly related to child health issues. We are pleased to report that Sakha Esethu Parents Support Groups have received printed conversation tools for all the parents in their groups. These resources are meant to be used as a guide for parents and mentors to have valuable conversations with friends, family and community members about important health topics.

The discussion topics include:

  1. Supporting your community.

  2. HIV and Childcare.

  3. Let’s talk about breastfeeding.

  4. All mothers need help with breastfeeding.

  5. It is your Road to Health Booklet.

  6. Let’s talk about your child’s road to health.

  7. Spreading the word with others.

Our parents are so excited about being a mentor mama because they are empowered by the topics” says one mentor from Nelson Mandela Bay.

All these pamphlets can be found on our website resource page [insert link?]. You are welcome to download, use and distribute them freely.

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Sakha Esethu