Possible migration of ECD Sector from Department of Social Development to Department of Basic Education.

During the State of the Nation  Address by President Cyril Ramaposa on 7 February 2019,  Early Childhood Development was featured. Two item were specifically noted, namely; the intention to include two compulsory Grade R years prior to formal schooling and the possible migration of ECD Sector from the Department of Social Development (DSD) to the Department of Basic Education.

In a commentary on this matter, Dr. David Harrison CEO of the DG Murry Trust comments that, “The next five years are going to be exciting and challenging times for people committed to early childhood development (ECD).  Never before has the scientific evidence for ECD been so strong, and never before in South Africa has there been such strong political support to increase access to it.”

“Without a single national structure responsible for early childhood development, we are unlikely to significantly improve nutrition, education and related social outcomes” (Richter, 2013). 

We are interested to see the ECD sector progress and the potential for leadership to promote quality services to the children of South Africa.

Supporting Sources: 

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Sakha Esethu