Motherwell Soup Kitchen started by a Sakha Esethu Group

Despite the hardships of living in an underprivileged community, like the outskirts of Motherwell, there are stories of great impact which need to be told. Tsepiso Mokhoelehe is a ECD Principal, entrepreneur and Sakha Esethu mentor mother. Tsepiso is a 42 year old mother with two children, she is the principal and owner of her own ECD Centre, Tsepies Educare which she started about a year ago. Her centre has grown from strength to strength, starting with just 3 children and there are now more than 15 regularly attending. Tsepiso, graduated with her ECD Level 4 qualification, and attended training to be a Sakha Esethu mentor mother in 2018.

Tsepiso writes in a reflective feedback note; “I was not involved in the community before, I was only busy with my ECD Centre… I have learnt as a mentor, ways to work with families and communities. We are now planning a community project which is a soup kitchen and this is a huge community development”. The Sakha Esethu support group decided to open up a community based soup kitchen, where people gather in Tsepiso’s ECD Centre to have some food, and that is where she gets an opportunity to discuss parenting issues with them, and tell them about the support group. Tsepiso shares that she does not want to charge people for the soup as it is a service for the community, by the community. She has begun to approach sponsors for donations of food towards the initiative. 

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Sakha Esethu