Lunchbox project addressing need for innovative learning about food

An innovative new project which began in 2017 has brought to light the need for interactive opportunities to learn about healthy food. The study focused on promoting healthy and diverse food options in children’s lunchboxes at ECD Centres. Several parents and practitioners from ECD Centres in Nelson Mandela Bay were delighted to implement a colouring activity book and step-by-step lunch box guide. The activity book includes drawings of a variety of locally available foods that are good for the children’s lunchboxes such as beans, amasi and green leafy vegetables. Unhealthy food options for lunch boxes such as sweets, chips and sodas are highlighted in the booklets to encourage dialogue and learning at home and in the classroom setting. 

Parents and ECD practitioners are encouraged to use interactive teaching methods such as; the use interesting stories about healthy foods, helping children, identify and colour-in foods, playing games and allowing children to have an active role in the preparation of meals in the kitchen. 

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Sakha Esethu