Child Protection Week (28 May - 4 June 2019)

This week is Child Protection Week (28 May to 4 June 2019). Children are a vulnerable group in South Africa. We see issues in schools, communities and homes all impacting children. The aim of the awareness week is to promote the awareness about creating a safe environment for a child. 

 • Parents and caregivers can do the following:

• Provide consistency in their children’s daily routine

• Create safe and clean living conditions,

• Ensure protection from violence or abuse

• Encourage appropriate verbal and physical affection from familiar loved ones

• Protect children from inappropriate media and social media.

• Educate children about sexual issues and protective behaviours

• Value health and wellness

• Be a good role model

• Stay involved in their communities

• Look out for signs of neglect and abuse

• Always take reports of abuse seriously

• Listen to the needs of children and spend quality time with them

 We should be having conversations with children and  our family about abuse and the importance of protective behaviour.

Nelson Mandela Bay has a group of active Sakha Esehtu mentors who are active citizens starting conversations in communities about child health and wellness. Child abuse and neglect is preventable. Collaborative partnerships and community based efforts are building a South Africa where all children can grow up safely and develop to their full potential. A key message of the week is ‘Stronger Communities, Safer Children’. This week let us start raising the awareness and help support parents protect their children.


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Sakha Esethu